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Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio
289 Pleasant Valley Road
Pine Grove, Pa. 17963

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Pennsylvania Taxidermist Brown Bear Taxidermy, Pine Grove PA. Licensed, Insured, Full Time Taxidermist
Licensed PA. Taxidermist, Fully Trained, Insured, 1 Year Or Less Average Turn Around Time.
Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio has such experience and the reputation that was earned one mount at a time for decades.
Those who hunt the world and can go anywhere choose Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio for a reason. They KNOW they will have peace of mind and more. After all you put into that hunt of a lifetime, don't make the mistake of a lifetime! Choose a Proven Taxidermist, Go With Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio, Pine Grove, PA.
Bear TaxidermyBear Taxidermist In Pennsylvania - Brown Bear Taxidermy Black Bear Taxidermy Mounts - Standing Bear Mounts
Black Bear Taxidermy
African Taxidermy Pennsylvania

African Taxidermy Pennsylvania At Brown Bear Taxidermy Studiios, African Taxidermy Trained, Insured

Nothing can be as fierce as a Cape Buffalo. They are called Black Death for a reason. 

The attitude and relentlessness of an angry African beast will haunt your memories for a life-time.

Preserve such moments forever, for yourself, your family, share with friends, such an adventure forms a bond forever sealed in time. It's Personal

African taxidermy done right has no equal. From halfway across the world into your home, den, living room, office or foyer. A lifesize or shoulder mount with the right pose and expression will not be forgotten by anyone that gazes upon it.

Predator Taxidermy Pennsylvania
Predators conjure all kinds of images, from the small fox that you might see run across a field or by the side of the road.

To an immense and captivating wolf, glaring at you with eyes that can pierce your soul.

Taxidermy done right forever freezes that moment in time you came face to face, and stepped into that animals world.

Done properly and with taste, taxidermy can be an homage to the animal, a tribute if you will, with lasting respect and honor to the animal.

It is more than just killing something, it is about a personal kinship that many will never understand.

Bear Taxidermy Specialists - Custom Habitats, Custom Poses, Standing Mounts And More.

Wolf Taxidermy Pennsylvania - Small Animal Taxidermy


  • Full Body Mounts, Custom Habitats For All Species!
  • 10% Off Full Body Mounts! Call For Details
  • 1 Year Or Less Average Turnaround
  • Professionally Trained & Licensed
  • Taxidermy For Sale
  • Bear Taxidermy For Sale
Contact Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio
Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio
289 Pleasant Valley Road
Pine Grove, Pa. 17963
570-345-3030 *Please Call First
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Our clients are from all over the United States, Canada and beyond. 
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